Adopt silicone material,higher ingress protection, and strong resistance to corrosion

The strip need not power supply to transform voltage, and adopt constant current IC scheme to realize; constant current control to AC voltage, and PF value of LED strip can reach 96%;

The LED strip light can be per 5cm a cut, Every 3 LEDs form a loop, can be connect to each other, you can according to your installation requirments to choose the different length to connect, the continous connection can not exceed 10m.

come with standard 3M adhesive film on the back

HIGH BRIGHTNESS: The LED strip light adopting 300 untis SMD 3528 high brightness LEDs, the PCB Layer adopt white double Layer 1oz, the beam angel is 120 degrees, this 5 meters LED light strip is bright enough;

Dimensions (Unit: mm/inch)



DURABLE: Long lifespan, the standard warranty 3 years, small volume, flexible shape desired, includes white/ natural white/ warm white/ blue color. the LED strip light are widely used in automotive decoration, lighting signs, advertising signs, urban lighting and other decorative areas.